Guest House Honigberg

Guest House Honigberg is located in the immediate vicinity of the Fortified Evangelical Church of Harman and consists of two guest houses:

All rooms are equipped with single beds and free WiFi. Free private parking is available in the courtyard for cars (subject to availability).

The location is in the centre of the town and offers easy access to a range of shops for supplies. In the vicinity there are: bakery/bakery, butcher, grocery shops, pharmacies, various restaurants (with the possibility of delivery and/or reservation of "menu of the day" from Monday to Friday), local gastronomic point with Saxon specific.

Contact & Reservations

The reception is located inside the Fortified Church of Harman

8:00 - 22:00

+4 0723 608 646 (no SMS)

(German / English / Romanian)

check-in: 15:00 – 22:00, check-out: 8:00 -11:00

History buffs can enjoy a visit to the Evangelical Fortified Church of Harman (Fortress of Harman) across the road, which offers a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere as well as 800 years of history. It is a place to contemplate and connect with the past and architectural beauty.

Brasov is "just a stone's throw away" and can easily be reached by private car, Bolt/Uber or by metro (the station is nearby).

The nearby nature reserve "Dealul Cetății - Lempeș" offers nature lovers a unique destination. In the majestic beech, hornbeam, oak or fir forests you can meet rare species of plants and animals, such as wild rockroses or spring ruffles, as well as dwarf eagles, deer, reptiles or even wild cats.

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Servicii gratuite

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Guest House Honigberg - House rules:

In order to ensure a pleasant stay, visitors are obliged to adhere to the rules below.
From the moment they pick up the key, the guests are responsible for the room in which they are staying.
Guests must keep quiet and behave appropriately so as not to disturb other guests.
Presence in a drunk state is not permitted in the common rooms of the guest house
The kitchen is available to all guests. Whoever uses the kitchen and its equipment has the obligation to leave it clean.
Guests must supervise the children at all times. Parents or carers will be responsible for any injuries.
Guests must show respect and care for the goods provided and keep them clean. Any damage done through your fault must be paid until departure.
The administrator of the guest house must be notified of any damage, do not try to repair it yourself.